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Internet has been becoming so an inseparable part of the modern civilised life that even absence from online platforms is considered as total disconnection from social life.These online platforms such as email, websites, social networking sites like whatsapp, facebook, twitter, instagram etc open up, fast and inexpensively, to a vast virtual space to know and communicate each other.

The digital age has facilitated a big revolution in exchange of knowledge such that, instead of one reading a written piece of work of another person, it brought us in to a participatory discussion of big masses altogether and at the same time. Admitting that there are malpractices, yet there is a world of flourishing creativities. Hence, it is by homing in on the best utilisation of such spaces and possibilities, we established a website under the auspices of Syyid Mueenudeen Hudawi (Director, Darul Huda Islamic University,Assam Centre).

The principal objective of this initiative is to forge a multitude of Islamic products and services in the world of information technology.aimoflife.in is a complete Islamic website in Assamese. It has been working, since 2020, as platform for communicating Islamic religious knowledge and teachings and transmitting contemporary movements and responses in the Muslim and Islamic world. It acts as an online multidimensional guide for a Muslim to the essentials of Islamic history, juristic laws, spirituality and theology and the present-day information. The Hudawi scholars manage a major chunk of the editorial of the website under HADIA Centre for Social Excellence-CSE Assam.

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Meet our team of experts from HADIA Centre for Social Excellence- CSE Assam Darul Huda Islamic University,Assam Centre.

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